Halo Infinite finished in 29 minutes: the video of the record speedrun

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SasquatchSensei made a speedrun of Halo Infinitethe shooter from 343 Industries, completing the adventure in 29 minutes. You can see a video complete of the above enterprise.

Obviously, the result was not achieved in a “standard” way. The speedrunner has exploits a number of glitch and Master Chief’s grapple to create shortcuts not foreseen by the developers of Halo Infinite.

Regardless of the method used, it is a remarkable achievement which demonstrates how videogames are more open and “malleable” works than one might think. The video, as is typical, shows all segments of the game with the relative results in terms of timing: these show us that SasquashSensei could have cut a few more seconds from its Halo Infinite speedrun.

Obviously this kind of speedrun it is different from non-glitching challenges, so the results are not comparable. Furthermore, it is important to remember that this approach to the game is not what the developers intended and is not representative of the actual quality of the work and content available to play.

Staying on the subject, Horizon Forbidden West was completed in less than 3.5 hours.

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