Halo Infinite: fix for Big Team Battle mode coming this week

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343 Industries developers have confirmed that a fix for solve the matchmaking problems of the Big Team Battle mode of the multiplayer of Halo Infinite. Also, to thank players for their patience, bonuses will be offered to all players.

In a post on the official Halo Infinite forums, community director Brian Jarrard announced that the tests have been completed and that 343 Industries is planning to publish a hotfix for Big Team Battle. in the middle of this week which should solve the matchmaking problems that have plagued the mode for several weeks.

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Additionally, Jarrard explained that to thank the players for their patience, they will be given away to everyone 5 XP Boosts and 5 modifiers to change challenges for free. These will be added to your inventory automatically after logging in once the update for BTB is available.

Jerrard finally stated that 343 Industries is working on a big update coming in mid-February, as well as a series of changes and tweaks to improve certain aspects of Halo Infinite multiplayer. Among these there is also the monetization system of the game, with the developers who from tomorrow will lower the prices of all the items in the Store and will also sell the elements of the bundles individually.

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