Halo Infinite: Ranked multiplayer has been updated, levels reset

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As scheduled, Halo Infinite has received the expected in the past few hours update for ranked multiplayer which introduces a new system for evaluating the skills of the players and, as a consequence, the levels of the players in competitive matchmaking have been reset.

343 Industries had long ago announced the arrival of a new system for the management of CSR (Competitive Skill Ranking), namely the classification of players based on skill within the various levels provided from bronze to onyx. The original system, also based on various feedbacks reported by users, led to results in some cases inconsistent, in terms of evaluation, with respect to the performance expressed in the game, which prompted the developers to review the system.

Halo Infinite ranked multiplayer now uses a new point management system for skill assessment and for this reason the progress (or regressions) made so far by the players has been reset. This means that you will have to start from the beginning: 10 ranked multiplayer matches are required to obtain a first entry evaluation, based on which we will be positioned in matchmaking.

Exactly as before, after the first evaluation, each new game in Halo Infinite’s ranked multiplayer will allow you to earn or lose points that can lead us to climb the levels up or down, in case the performances turn out to be negative.

The update in question is part of the updates planned on multiplayer, Campaign, anti-cheat and more announced for this mid-season by 343 Industries.

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