Halo Infinite: the Forge shows itself in some possible leaks, with many new features

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Halo Infinite is still waiting for the mode Forgewhich is an important element for the community of the series, as a creative tool that allows you to build a huge amount of additional content for the game, but some leak emerged in these hours seem to show some characteristics of the modality in question.

There is no confirmation that the videos and images that have emerged are actually authentic, but they certainly look like it, considering that the modality it should now be in an advanced state of processing and therefore some materials may have leaked in some way. However, this is not a definitive version, so many aspects of the Halo Infinite Forge remain to be seen, starting with the interface that will be used to create the contents.

The Twitter account InfiniteLeaks, for example, has published a video in which fireflies are seen applied in a map, indicating the presence of additional elements that can be used to enrich the aesthetics of the settings, as well as some creations such as a puppet of snow and a gingerbread house, no less.

A short video published by FootedGhost, reported above this news, also seems to show the Fragmentation map with the addition of snow and winter weather, suggesting the possibility that the Forge could insert some different biomes and different weather conditions additional to the standard scenarios, which opens up several interesting possibilities. Finally, a video from Unseen Halo also surfaced that appears to show a “prototype” of the Forge in Halo Infinite. This is a long, very interesting video but whose veracity is still to be established, which would still confirm the inclusion of a large amount of creative tools that should allow the construction of real game scripts as well as construction of new scenarios for maps. do-it-yourself.

That Halo Infinite is destined to have a particularly complex Forge is also clear from the amount of time required for its completion and seeing the versions released in the previous chapters of Halo, so we just have to wait to find out more.

Some time ago, 343 Industries had reported that they are not yet ready to talk about the Forge, so we do not yet have a precise timing for communications, also waiting to know something about the cooperative campaign of Halo Infinite.

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