Halo Infinite: update coming to multiplayer, Campaign, anti-cheat and more

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Halo Infinite will receive a mid-Season update on February 24, 2022mainly focused on some technical adjustments concerning Campaign and multiplayeramong which the anti-cheat system and other improvements are also mentioned.

This is mainly a technical update, so there don’t seem to be any new ones contents coming for next week in this update, which touches different elements between Campaign and multiplayer.

The protagonist in particular is networking, on which the lead sandbox engineer, Richard Watson, had published a very interesting in-depth study in recent days on Halo Waypoint, explaining how the new telemetry should improve the recording system of contacts and hits, in addition to other aspects. interaction between players in multiplayer.

Among the fixes are improvements to animations in the first person, which should eliminate some possible glitches and in general make them more fluid. On the Campaign front, adjustments are foreseen for the unlocking of objectives and the use of the Quick Resume, with in general an improvement in the stability and performance of the game.

In Big Team Battle, the developers changed the motion tracker extending the range of action from 18 to 24 meters, following various feedback received from users, while substantial improvements should have been applied to the system anti-cheat. For the rest, further updates should arrive soon, we look forward to hearing about them. In these days, possible leaks have emerged on the Forge, another highly anticipated element for Halo Infinite, which in early February had been updated to solve the Big Team Battle problem and more.

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