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The Division: Heartland reveals itself in a number of interesting details concerning modes, maps and many features of the new game in development at Ubisoft, according to reports from well-known insider / reporter Tom Henderson.

The game, which is something of a spin-off from The Division main series, will be based on two main modes: Storm, which is a game option with PvPvE features, and Excursion which is primarily PvE and essentially an introductory game category compared to Storm.

Reportedly, it appears that the Stormset to be the main offering in The Division: Heartland, can be compared to Escape from Tarkov, the well-known PC shooter game that’s been inspiring several other big-caliber titles, it seems.

The game setting is provided by Silver Creeka large open world map where it is possible to collect loot and meet enemies in various settings, characterized by the presence of a noxious gas that can spread to any place in unpredictable moments.

To survive, you need to have working gas masks, as well as demonstrate sufficient combat skills. Base of Operation it is the central hub from which to leave for missions, located inside a frozen and abandoned sports hall, where it is possible to dedicate oneself to upgrading characters and weapons and also spend time in a sort of small games room.

Finally, i personages they are divided into three main classes which are Weapon Expert, Medic and Survivalist, each with its own characteristics: the first focuses on the use of weapons, the second on the ability to regain energy and the third on survival skills. Last May, 20 minutes of gameplay were revealed in a leak for The Division: Heartland.

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