Hitman 3: Freelancer, a video explains how to play the new free mode

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IO Interactive has published a new video of presentation for Hitman 3: Freelancer which explains various details of the new roguelike style modewhose free release is set for January 26, 2023, with a technical beta scheduled for next month.

Freelancer is a new mode with roguelike elements for Hitman 3 that is structured as a standalone game, which you can play for free. In order to test it more thoroughly before launch, the team decided to launch one technical beta in November 2022therefore next month, from 3 to 7 November.

The video above explains in detail the operation of Freelancer, which sees Agent 47 tasked with targeting various organizations around the well-known settings of the Hitman trilogy. In one run it is necessary to take down 4 enemy leaders, to get to which it is however necessary to hit minor objectives.

As befits a roguelike, a failure in one of the missions results in the loss of all weapons and items acquired in a run, as well as half of the money earned, but with some elements that can be carried over from one game to another. The missions and levels involve various play styles to be undertaken and game mechanics gameplaytherefore you will have to adapt to various situations in order to get to the bottom of each level.

We had already seen the release date of Freelancer at the beginning of the month, at this point we have the clearest ideas on how this new Hitman 3 mode works.

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