Hogwarts Legacy: for Jason Schreier there is no anti-Semitism, just a lot of boredom and a lot of fillers

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Even the Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreierprobably the best known and most important in our sector, wanted to have its say on the matter Hogwarts Legacystating that there is not anti-Semitismbut there’s just so much boredom and so much diluted content.

Obviously the reference is to the famous Wired review which gave 1/10 to the Avalanche game, with among others the accusation of anti-Semitism, a review which however always remains in the background of Schreier’s speech.

“Having nearly finished Hogwarts Legacy I come to inform you that the story is not anti-Semitic, just boring,” Schreier began on Twitter, later explaining that “The most impressive part of the game is Hogwarts Castle, which is reproduced with great care. But the combat is repetitive and awkward (you have to switch between four different spell wheels) and, like most games these days, the experience is too diluted.”

So according to Schreier the problem with Hogwarts Legacy is not in its narrative content, but in the fact that it is a boring title and that it is structured like most modern triple-As, in order to stretch the stock beyond what is necessary to make those who want to see the playtime count go up happy, regardless of what they are then called to do: due to RowlingI don’t think you’re missing much.”

Someone then tried to argue with Schreier about anti-Semitism, pointing out to him how the question of elves is substantially the archetype of blood libel in the Harry Potter version, but he explained that in reality if this were the case it would be more interesting than it is in the game, where the main story is the usual tale of the chosen one who goes in search of ancient magic together with Dumbledore. There elf rebellion it is barely hinted at and not elaborated “like most of the more interesting Harry Potter themes”. The speech could only be closed with a joke about the franchise, which Schreier evidently considers overrated.

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