Hogwarts Legacy in 2022 according to a well-known insider, which indicates the release period

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Hogwarts Legacy will be released in 2022 according to the well-known insider AccountNGT on Twitter, who also launches a forecast on the release period, identifying it in the third quarter of this year, without going however on greater precision.

“Now that the rumor about the postponement to 2023 has been denied by several official sources, I can publish this tweet,” he wrote AccountNGT“As I said a few weeks ago, according to my information, Hogwarts Legacy will launch in the third quarter of this year.”

Recall that the insider in question is taken into a certain consideration especially for having precisely guessed the announcement of Star Wars Eclipse by Quantic Dream, with a lot of artwork attached, demonstrating that it probably can count on some interesting connections, but not this is said to apply to any team or game you speak of.

According to the user in question, the development of Hogwarts Legacy would stand “doing well”which would disprove, therefore, the recent rumors about problems in the works that would have led Warner Bros. to move its release to 2023. To tell the truth, there is still no information on this game, so we can only rely on rumors, for the moment.

In recent days, even the Brazilian page of Warner Bros. seemed to confirm the release in 2022 of the title in question, but it is always not exactly clear information.

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