Hogwarts Legacy on Steam passes 600,000 players, second best ever

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Hogwarts Legacy has exceeded the 600,000 players contemporaries on Steamthus registering the second best result ever for the digital platform Valve within the first twenty-four hours.

While the PC version of Hogwarts Legacy appears to have more than a few performance issues, that hasn’t deterred the many fans of the game. Wizarding Worldwho rushed to buy the long-awaited tie-in developed by Avalanche Software.

But let’s go back to the data, which as mentioned see Hogwarts Legacy record the third best result ever on Steam in the first twenty-four hours: they only did better Counter-Strike: Global Offensivewith approximately 1.28 million users, e Dota 2with just over 605,000 concurrent players.

Steamdb, the ranking of games with the most concurrent users in the first 24 hours

It will be necessary to understand whether or not these results were influenced by theearly accessavailable as early as February 7 for Deluxe Edition owners, but at the same time it is possible that the numbers will grow further from here to the expiry of the twenty-four hours.

Certainly the launch of Hogwarts Legacy promises very well, and we are increasingly curious to find out the official sales figures for the game.

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