Hogwarts Legacy: Ravenclaw’s classmate revealed with a picture and description

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Warner Bros. has unveiled the Ravenclaw’s main classmate that we will be able to meet inside Hogwarts Legacy. Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Gryffindor had previously been shown, but not Ravenclaw. Now we know who he is: Amit Thakkar.

The announcement came via the official Twitter profile of the game, as you can see below. Precisely, the team wrote: “You will meet many classmates from Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and yes, even from Ravenclaw. Amit, an astronomy enthusiast, is just one of these classmates.”

Amit Thakkar and all others class mates “they will play a part in your journey as you attend Hogwarts,” according to community manager Chandler Wood.

There character description by Thakkar reads: “Amit aspires to be a famous wizarding historian and already has extensive plans in mind for his first memoir. Exceptionally bright and well-read, he loves stargazing and always seems to have the latest telescope at hand.” and of the latest generation. Amit jumps at the opportunity to help a friend in need, but once in the heat of things he often realizes that it would be better to read or write about certain adventures than to live them”.

It is not clear what it will be the role of Thakkar, but many players have already speculated about the type of involvement the character might have in the story. “I have a theory that it could serve as a kind of source of information,” says user “ham-ham-iam”. “Players come back to him to ask questions about missions or to get directions or hints or advice or whatever. Sort of a roster of characters. Considering he spends his time always ‘reading and writing’.” For now, of course, it’s just speculation.

We also know that player choices will impact the story and ending of Hogwarts Legacy.

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