Hogwarts Legacy: the limited edition DualSense PS5 is snapped up, scalpers unleashed

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A reflection of the enormous success it is enjoying Hogwarts Legacy also comes from the situation of the Limited Edition DualSense for PS5 dedicated to the game, which is practically out of stock on the market and it’s being sold for pretty crazy figures, up to double its standard price, by the inevitables touts.

The price The basic device would be $79.99 on the North American market, but at the moment it seems to be able to find only on Ebay or other private or unofficial resellers, at prices ranging between $150 and $170. In fact, the controller just released on the market already seems to be impossible to find at human prices.

In fact, with the enormous resonance that Hogwarts Legacy is having, it was quite predictable that a designer object themed with the game, which is also pleasant in appearance, would soon become a particularly coveted collector’s item.

And so it was: a few hours after the official announcement of the DualSense of Hogwarts Legacy and its launch on the market, the controller has already disappeared from the market in North America and immediately became a particularly expensive object for scalpers. On the other hand, with the renewed availability of PS5, the latter have finished their heyday on the console, so they are heading towards other products.

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