Horizon Chase 2 announced with trailer for PC and consoles, out on Apple Arcade

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Horizon Chase 2the new episode of the arcade racer developed by Aquiris, was announced with a trailer: will arrive on PC and consoles in the course of 2023, while theexit of the version Apple Arcade is imminent, set for 6 September.

A few years after the launch of Horizon Chase Turbo, this second installment of the series will maintain the immediate and frenetic formula that made it successful, drawing inspiration from the great classics of the 90s and launching us on the road at full speed, without too many worries.

The single player mode will be accompanied by a compartment multiplayer in which we will be able to challenge friends in a complete way, within all the stipulations, or compete together with them in a cooperative way to achieve victory.

The minimal graphics of Horizon Chase 2 will accompany us to visit various locations around the world, letting us be surprised by their colors as we listen to the notes of the soundtrack signed by Barry Leitch.

Finally, there will be attention to aesthetic customizations, with various kits and unlockable objects to create the car that best represents us.

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