Horizon Forbidden West, a highly anticipated feature has been revealed in advance?

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Horizon Forbidden West it seems to introduce a characteristic that was particularly awaited and destined to represent a significant novelty in the game world, leaked in a still dubious way from a Chinese source that seems to have published a review in advance.

The element in question could represent one spoilerwhich is why we invite you not to read those who do not want to have any anticipation on the contents of Horizon Forbidden West, since there is no official information about it and Sony evidently did not intend to reveal it previously, considering the large amount of trailers and information disseminated so far.

Horizon Forbidden West, the new game for PS5 and PS4 is coming

It would be the possibility of using flying mounts: according to what is reported by the Chinese site NGA, translated on ResetEra and Reddit, later in Horizon Forbidden West it is possible to use the Sunwingthat is a sort of robotic pterosaur with wings made up of solar panels, to be able to fly and move by air.

The Sunwing in Horizon Forbidden West should therefore represent a flying mount, taking up an element that, based on some clues, seemed to have already been inserted in Horizon Zero Dawn according to the initial projects but then was eliminated from the final project. We cannot yet take the information as an official, essentially remaining a rumor for the moment, but there is not much time left for the release of the reviews of Horizon Forbidden West, whose embargo is set for February 14, 2022 at 9:00 am. . Meanwhile, the game on the PlayStation Store has two prices and it’s not clear why.

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