Horizon Forbidden West: a video compares the final version with that of the State of Play

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The Youtube channel ElAnalistaDeBits has published an interesting one comparative video between the final version of Horizon Forbidden West and the build seen in action during the State of Play dedicated, dating back to 2021. From what can be seen, some things have even been improved, while others have been slightly worsened, probably not to affect performance.

In particular we can see that the vegetation is denser, the shadows have been improved, some enemies have been repositioned and have different behavior (not scripted), the color tones have been made warmer and there have been some general improvements in the positioning. of objects.

The slightly worse part is the underwater one, where the colors are less bright and the animation of the hair has been made more rigid. In addition, there are fewer 3D models (for example some buildings have been cut), but the surface has been made brighter and more transparent in the final version, so much so that it is thought that it was precisely the improvement of the surface yield that forced the cuts in the phases. aquatic.

Returning to the surface, the final version seems to have a slightly lower vegetation draw distance than that seen in the State of Play, probably due to the increase in vegetation density. In short, the changes may have been dictated by last-minute artistic choices and do not upset that much, considering that the games are retouched until the last moment.

Be that as it may, for all the details watch the video, which is at the head of the news.

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