Horizon Forbidden West, a video featuring the launch celebrations and statues

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The launch of Horizon Forbidden West it was celebrated all over the world, and Sony has seen fit to release a short video which summarizes the various celebrationsshowing the statues which have been installed in different cities.

As you surely know, in Italy we can admire the statue of Aloy in Florence, while in many other locations Sony has preferred to create installations depicting the Clawstriderone of the new Machines present in the game, but not only.

There is no doubt that the promotional machine of the Japanese house has moved massively on the occasion of the launch of the new adventure of Aloy, which even ended up on the cover of Vanity Fair, and the clip demonstrates this eloquently.

From Berlin to Buenos Aires, from Dubai to London, from Madrid to Mexico City, from Moscow to New York, people were able to witness the spectacular promotional activities for the debut of Horizon Forbidden West and perhaps, thanks to them, discover a world new and charming.

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