Horizon Forbidden West: Accessibility and customizable difficulty options revealed

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With a post on the PlayStation Blog, the Guerrilla Games team unveiled the accessibility options available for Horizon Forbidden West which will allow users to adapt certain elements of the gaming experience according to their needs. Among these there is also a fully customizable difficulty level.

As for the generic settings, users will be able to change subtitle size and background. Those who have a hard time coping with some machines will find practical tutorials in a separate section of Aloy’s notebook.

Great flexibility with regards to the challenge rate as well, as Horizon Forbidden West will have five different levels of difficultyfrom “History”, which facilitates the fighting to facilitate exploration and advancement in the plot, up to “Very difficult”, where the battles will be very challenging.

In addition there is also a new one customizable difficulty level, with which players can freely set the amount of damage dealt to enemies and that suffered by Aloy. There is also the “Facilitated Loot” option, thanks to which any resource attached to a downed car is automatically added to the loot and therefore it is no longer necessary to detach the various parts during the fight.

As for the options for the controller, there are various preset schemes for the controls (even for left-handed ones) of Horizon Forbidden West, but if you want you can customize every single command or game input. Even the sensitivity of the movements, as well as the dead zone of the analogs, can be adjusted at will, as well as whether to choose to disable or modify the intensity of the vibrations of the Dualsense triggers.

Another interesting novelty is undoubtedly the Co-pilot mode, especially designed for the blind, which allows a second controller to access the game. This feature only requires another controller (DualSense controller for PS5, DualShock 4 controller for PS4) and a second user profile.

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West also offers optional controls that take advantage of the accelerometer and gyroscope integrated in the DualSense, which allow you to make micro-adjustments for shots of absolute precision.

But that’s not all, because Horizon Forbidden West also has several game mechanics settings made easier, designed for those who experience difficulties with certain gameplay elements. These include options to slow down the game when opening the weapon wheel, aim assist, the duration of Aloy’s Concentration or the ability to activate it automatically.

As we learn from the PlayStation Blog, others automatisms that allow you to save yourself the pressure of a command are Auto Sprint, Auto Heal (when health drops below 50%) and Auto Shield (this tool, once unlocked, triggers itself when you fall from great heights). The option Climbing notes always active, on the other hand, makes the grips for climbing easier to identify, without necessarily having to use the Focus.

Finally, there is no shortage of settings for the audiovisual sector, designed to reduce any potential annoyance or discomfort for players. It is possible, for example, to adjust the sway and motion blur effect of the view, but also to completely customize the game interface by deciding what information to display and when.

As for the audio, it will be possible to adjust the volume of music, voices and sound effects like many other games, but also to activate mono audio and deactivate background noises (such as those that can cause hearing stress or tinnitus, for example the verses of the Machines).

We remind you that Horizon Forbidden West will be available from February 18 exclusively for PS5 and PS4. Recently, a much desired feature by players was revealed in advance.

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