Horizon Forbidden West and Zero Dawn, on Metacritic the average is the same

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Horizon Forbidden West And Horizon Zero Dawn they share the same average on Metacriticcurrently equal to 89 for the new episode of the series developed by Guerrilla Games.

As reported this morning, Horizon Forbidden West received excellent marks, but with a few exceptions that prevented the game from aspiring to a score above 90although the last word is not yet said.

In this case we are talking about almost a hundred reviews, most of which have expressed a strongly positive opinion towards Aloy’s new adventure, underlining how it improves all the less brilliant aspects of the first chapter.

It is precisely for this reason that it is surprising that the two titles have the same average on Metacritic, given that it would have been reasonable to expect some better ratings for Forbidden West, in light of the improvements made to the experience.

Maybe some belated reviews will further increase the score? In the meantime, perhaps, read our Horizon Forbidden West review.

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