Horizon Forbidden West completed in less than 3 and a half hours, the record is Italian

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Horizon Forbidden West was completed in less than 3 and a half hours by an Italian speedrunner, Dominic, who with his performance established a record world for the game.

We know that Horizon Forbidden West has a duration of about 30 hours only for the main campaign, in line with the previous episode, but it is clear that these are rules that do not apply in the speedrun.

In this case the good Dominic was able to find all the shortcuts of the case extremely quickly and get to the credits of Aloy’s new adventure exactly in 3 hours, 29 minutes and 34 secondsas the photo below demonstrates.

In short, we are faced with a truly extraordinary resultalso because this kind of operations requires not only great skill but also a structural study that allows the speedrunner to seize any opportunity to get right to the point and complete the main missions of the story.

We will clearly try to enjoy the Horizon Forbidden West experience in a different way, with all the necessary calm, perhaps trying to face this new experience with the enviable enthusiasm of John Carpenter.

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