Horizon Forbidden West, DLC and expansions on the way according to some clues

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Horizon Forbidden West will most likely receive gods DLC and / or of expansionsaccording to some clues reported by the game of Guerrilla Games, available for a few days in the PS5 and PS4 versions.

Immediately first in the UK ranking, Horizon Forbidden West offers the possibility of connecting to an online store where users can make the purchase of downloadable contentalthough this feature is not currently active yet.

That’s not all: the rating carried out by PEGI shows the icon on the game packaging that indicates the presence of in-game purchasesbut not being there microtransactions it is clear that this reference is to any DLC and / or expansions.

You will surely remember that Horizon Zero Dawn received the rich expansion The Frozen Wilds about eight months after launch, and at this point everything suggests that the developers have foreseen something similar for this sequel as well.

Does Aloy’s adventure intrigue you? If you haven’t already, check out our Horizon Forbidden West review.

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