Horizon Forbidden West: Guerrilla Games works to fix the graphics bugs detected

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Horizon Forbidden West has met with widespread acclaim among the press and the public, yet among the few defects many have found a presence of bug in a bit more quantity than Sony’s first party games are used to, which is what Guerrilla Games is apparently working actively.

The team reported on the official Reddit channel that they are aware of various graphics bugs detected in Horizon Forbidden West and are currently working to fix them. The problems are of different kinds even if they are not in any case particularly harmful issues: we are talking about a certain stuttering in the Performance mode, pop-in of structures and scenarios, some problems of Aloy collision with some elements of the scenario and some elements related to viewing on some TVs.

In particular, there is talk of some variation to the range and to the visualization with the use of displays equipped with HDR and problems of artifacts and “shimmering” (a kind of shimmer) visible as a result of a definition adaptation in Resolution mode.

“The team is working vigilantly for to solve these issues with the highest priority and we aim to release an update as soon as possible, “wrote Guerrilla Games on Reddit, also encouraging users to provide feedback through the official Support Form in case further problems are found.

“We understand your frustration and appreciate your patience, we are doing our best to take you back to the wilderness, to continue exploring the secrets of Horizon Forbidden West.” In recent days we have seen a video with the celebrations for the launch and the statues around the world, as well as our review of Horizon Forbidden West of course. The game, however, recorded lower physical sales than Horizon Zero Dawn at its launch in the UK.

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