Horizon Forbidden West invites you not to underestimate the power of PlayStation Studios

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Horizon Forbidden West is an excellent game, according to international reviews: the new exclusive developed by Guerrilla Games invites a don’t underestimate the power Of PlayStation Studios. Yes, because first party studios are Sony’s first and foremost asset, and Aloy’s latest venture only confirms this once again.

In our Horizon Forbidden West review we explained how this is sequel you learn “from the mistakes of the past, taking to the extreme an idea of ​​the open world that without courage would have ended up looking dangerously like so many other games with a similar structure.”

“With its undisputed qualities, its astounding game world and a combat system fast and visceral, the new Sony exclusive manages to hide its more classic, and slightly worn, sides under a flood of excellent choices and a constant feeling of wonder that accompanies the player from the beginning of the adventure to his explosive the final.”

In short, as we said, Guerrilla Games has hit the mark. Indeed, he did bingo: he took an already excellent product and took it to the next level, improving the less convincing aspects and enriching those that already worked in an excellent way. The final result could only be a jewel.

Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy

However, what we are interested in underlining here is how the quality of PlayStation Studios productions has now reached extraordinary levels. It’s true: PS5 has spent the last autumn without exclusives, relying only on news from third parties, but apparently in 2022 there is all the will to recover.

And from this point of view it will be necessary to understand how much the Japanese house will be able to stretch thanks to its first party titles against a Microsoft still running in after all its acquisitions, but which at some point will bring a combination of quality, quantity and affordability to the table that will be really hard to counter.

Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy riding a Courser

Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy riding a Courser

In short, the release of Starfield, set for next November, will act as a sort of watershed for the Redmond house, which starting from the end of this year will fill the catalog of Xbox Game Pass of potentially extraordinary productions (see also the next Call of Duty), in front of which it will be difficult to resist.

Until then, however, Sony has several large-caliber cartridges to play, from Gran Turismo 7 to God of War: Ragnarok, and we are sure that it has every intention of dominating the market in the coming months, without anyone being able to. stop him. What do you think? Let’s talk about.

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