Horizon Forbidden West: new clip shows the ferocious Tremortusk on PS4

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It is now just over a week before the launch of Horizon Forbidden West and to pass the wait and tease the players Guerrilla Games has released a new clip of the PS4 version showing a fight against the Tremortuskthe gigantic machine with the features of a Mammoth that we have already glimpsed in the previous trailers of the game.

After unveiling Horizon Forbidden West’s accessibility and customizable difficulty options, Guerrilla Games posted a short clip on Twitter, so the quality isn’t as good as a YouTube movie (reupload above), but in any case the standard PS4 version seems to defend itself very well from a graphic point of view, especially considering the age of the console. However, to get a complete picture of the game’s performance on old-gen PlayStation platforms we will have to wait for the release.

The Tremortusk in the video, on the other hand, it looks like an extremely dangerous and aggressive machine. In the clip, we see him bombard Aloy from a distance with a combination of lightning orbs, missiles, laser beams and burning rocks. And he who knows what he is able to do at a short distance.

Horizon Forbidden West will be available exclusively for PS5 and PS4 from February 18, 2022. A feature much desired by players was recently revealed in advance.

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