Horizon Forbidden West: Official LEGO set with Aloy and Collolungo announced, trailer

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There’s a official LEGO set dedicated to Horizon Forbidden West announced today by Sony PlayStation and LEGO, focusing on the massive machine Collolungo together with Aloyobviously composed of the famous building bricks.

It is a 34 cm high reproduction, made up of 1222 pieces, therefore a rather demanding construction.

LEGO Horizon Forbidden West, here is the set on Collolungo

The set will go on sale starting from May 2022does not yet have a price official in Italy but in North America it should sell for 80 dollars, so we can expect a similar band.

You can see the details in the presentation trailer shown at the top of this news, with the fully customized reproduction of Aloy starting from the classic LEGO “little man” base and some elements of the scenario present on the pedestal, such as a traffic light and a birch.

Isaac Snyder, LEGO Model Designer: “I fell in love with Horizon Zero Dawn from the very first game. It’s a futuristic world full of breathtaking scenery, beautiful characters, Deadly Machines, and a compelling story. The Guerrilla designers have provided us with many insights, helping us to grasp the spirit of this universe and translate it into the form of LEGO. The community of Horizon enthusiasts is very creative and this model is dedicated to their passion and imagination “

As for the game, we refer you to our review of Horizon Forbidden West published yesterday, in addition to the special with the comparison between the PS5, PS4 and PS4 Pro versions staged in these hours.

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