Horizon Forbidden West on PS Store has 2 different prices on PS4 and PS5: Sony tries to clarify

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Sony has updated the PlayStation Store page of Horizon Forbidden West in an attempt to make it clearer on two versions of the Standard Edition and the upgrade from PS4 to PS5, after the complaints of the past few days. Unfortunately, however, at the moment everything still remains quite confusing for less informed users.

As we explained to you a few days ago, on the PlayStation Store the Standard Edition of Horizon Forbidden West appeared in two versions identical in content but with different prices, one at 69.99 euros and the other at 79.99 euros. Those who follow the news relating to the work of Guerrilla Games know that this double price is the consequence of the controversy arising from the announcement of the upgrade from PS4 to PS5 for a fee.

Sony later announced that this option will be free for everyone, but both versions of the Standard Edition remain on the PlayStation Store (one for PS4 and the other for PS5). This caused confusion among less informed users, who were faced with two virtually identical editions when pre-purchasing the game.

As you can see in the image below, a few hours ago Sony has updated the information sheet of the digital editions of Horizon Forbidden West, adding the words “Digital upgrade to PS5 version” for the Standard Edition from 69.99 euros (ie the PS4 version), probably for clarity.

The updated Horizon Forbidden West PlayStation Store page

The summary page of the editions of the Guerrilla Games game however it is still confusing, as in fact both are reported anyway for “PS4 & PS5”. Even opening the complete description of the products does not make things clearer. In the Standard Edition from 69.99 euros it is reported that this edition includes the “Full Game (PS4 console)” but the free upgrade to PS5 is not mentioned.

So what’s the real difference between the two versions of Horizon Forbidden West? Let’s try to explain it to you.

The Standard Edition for PS4 (from € 69.99) allows you to purchase and download the old gen version and then perform the free download and installation of the PS5 one. The Standard Edition for PS5 (from € 79.99), on the other hand, allows you to purchase and download both the PS5 and PS4 versions at the same time.

For what concern preload, by purchasing the Standard Edition for PS4 of Horizon Forbidden West now you can download in advance only the old-gen version, while for the free upgrade you will have to wait until February 18th. On the contrary, the Standard Edition for PS5 allows you to preload both versions.

Ultimately, then, the € 69.99 Standard Edition is the choice cheaper between the two, since it has the same contents as the other, but at a lower price. As long as you want to wait and download the update to PS5 at the launch of the game, which we remind you is set for February 18th.

We contacted Sony for more information regarding the Standard Editions of Horizon Forbidden West and if there are other differences between the two versions. We will update you in case of news.

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