Horizon Forbidden West, on PS5 loads so fast they slowed them down

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THE uploads Of Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 they are so fast that the developers they had to slow them down to allow players to read the hints that appear on the screen in such situations: the game director Mathijs de Jonge revealed in an interview.

Excited after the votes for Horizon Forbidden West, de Jonge said that “In Horizon Zero Dawn we called him fast travelbut it actually took something like a minute to load. “

“On PlayStation 5 the same operation takes like four or five seconds, it loads so fast that players can’t even read the hints that appear on the screen. ”

“Well, we had to add a simple feature where the screen is held long enough for users to read at least one of the available recommendations while loading.”

In practice, in Horizon Forbidden West the loading screen remains active until you press X on the DualSense controller to move on: a solution that does not sacrifice performance and therefore allows you to choose how quickly you want to proceed.

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