Horizon Forbidden West pays homage to God of War with some cute easter eggs

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Horizon Forbidden West inside it hides some nice ones giveaways to God of War through various easter egg found within the wide explorable world in the new PS5 and PS4 exclusive, which demonstrates how Guerrilla Games wanted to greet their colleagues in Santa Monica in some way.

The issue, despite having nothing to do with elements of the story or progression in the game, could somehow represent one spoilertherefore we warn here those who do not want to have anticipations, recommending not to continue reading.

As reported by various users who have discovered the details, within the setting of Horizon Forbidden West there are actually various references to God of War, which go as far as the discovery of a cabin that looks like in all respects that of Kratos in the last chapter of the series.

This is found at the end of a path strewn with various references: first there are two statues representing Book and Sindri during Aloy’s travels, then it is possible to reach a Totem of War, which represents Kratos, as well as a Totem of Youth in the form of Atreus.

Horizon Forbidden West: Kratos’ cabin

After finding these various references, you get two rewards that always have to do with God of War: a face paint which allows you to put on make-up like Kratos and a path that leads up to a hut that definitely resembles that of the protagonist of God of War in his game, which is not explorable but can represent an ideal subject for a beautiful photo.

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