Horizon Forbidden West: Physical sales below Horizon Zero Dawn at UK launch

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Horizon Forbidden West has sold less than Horizon Zero Dawn at the launch, with regard to the physical market and in particular the United Kingdom, unique since we have at the moment with regard to the European territories on the release of the new exclusive PS5 and PS4.

We saw this morning that Horizon Forbidden West is first in the British sales chart of the past week, but it is also interesting to note a note published by Christopher Dring, a GamesIndustry.biz journalist who deals with sales on the British territory, with a direct comparison with respect to in the previous chapter.

Data shows that Horizon Forbidden West sold fewer copies at launch than Horizon Zero Dawn, with a quantified drop on 35.4% less than the previous game’s total on PS4 in the first week of launch.

This reduction could be physiologically linked to the change in the market, increasingly shifted to digitalHowever, according to Dring, even taking digital copies into consideration, it is difficult to achieve sales of Horizon Zero Dawn. The main cause, according to the journalist, lies in the fact that the vast majority of players bought it on PS5 and this is still not widespread compared to what was PS4 at the time of the release of the first chapter.

Dring argues that it could be a stock that can sell more over the long term, also accompanied by a ‘expansion in the installed base of PS5once this is available more regularly on the market.

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