Horizon Forbidden West: PlayStation celebrates the launch with a statue of Aloy in Florence

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To celebrate the launch of Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 and PS4, Sony Interactive Entertainment Italia has announced an interesting initiative: from today, February 17, until Sunday February 27, a statue dedicated to Aloy to Florence, in the Madonna della Neve square in the Murate complex. You can admire the statue of Aloy in the shots collected in the gallery below.

Aloy is a virtual but at the same time realistic icon. It represents one of the possible expressions of the incredible psychological complexity of mankind, for the purposes of the story, the difference in gender is not central, but the value of diversity. Diversity understood as uniqueness, as an expression of the extraordinary nature of the individual. Born and raised as an outcast, Aloy has a unique perspective on the world. She feels like a stranger, but thanks to her emotional intelligence and strong empathy, with perseverance and commitment, she challenges the status quo to devote herself to the tireless pursuit of truth and self-discovery.“, reads the SIE Italia press release.

Furthermore, Sony Italia has announced that it will support the Event Horizon School of Digital Arta reality active in the beautiful country in preparing for the entertainment professions, with over 40 training courses for as many students who wish to approach the videogame industry, with the activation of new courses.

“Sony calls the PlayStation community together, from 18 February to 8 Marchwho simply thanks to his passion, will be able to concretely contribute to the activation of further courses, playing Horizon Forbidden West and Horizon Zero Dawn “, reads the official press release.

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