Horizon Forbidden West: PS4 to PS5 upgrade cannot be downloaded in advance

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Through the Ask PlayStation account, Sony reminds us that the PS4 to PS5 upgrade of Horizon Forbidden West it cannot be downloaded in advance, unlike the full game, and therefore players will have to wait for the game’s activation time to be able to download the update.

The information, as mentioned, was shared by Ask PlayStation on Twitter, as you can see below. All this fits in the middle of the problematic management of the various editions of Horizon Forbidden West, which is sold at different prices on PS4 and PS5. The whole thing created confusion in the public and the official account had to explain in detail how the matter works.

Not being able to download the PS4 to PS5 upgrade in advance is a “problem“for some players, who will then have to wait the time necessary for a further download after activating the game. Very much hoped to be able to start their adventure in the exact minute of activation, but apparently it will not be possible.

The PS4 version and the PS5 version are very different, as evidenced by the video comparison from Digital Foundry, which calls the game a “Masterclass of PS5 graphics”.

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