Horizon Forbidden West: Sony will plant a tree for each one that unlocks a certain trophy

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For each player who unlocks the trophy “Reached the Daunt” in Horizon Forbidden West before March 25, 2022, Sony will plant a tree. This is a collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation and the trees will be planted in one of three different reforestation projects across the United States: Douglas County Forest in Wisconsin, Sheep Fire Private Lands in California and Torreya State Park in Florida.

For the launch of Horizon Forbidden West we want to do something to help nature … with you. Just as Aloy fights in the game to save the Earth, we can do something to help our planet.

Play Horizon Forbidden West and unlock the “Reached the Daunt” trophy before March 25 and we, in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, will plant a tree to help three different reforestation projects.

So let’s grab our controllers and play for our planet!

What to say? It is certainly a good initiative, which will allow even those who will not know anything to do something for the planet. Note that it will obviously stop if the projects are completed. It has been calculated that to close them all it takes about 288,000 trees. In short, get busy!

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