Horizon Forbidden West, that’s when the embargo on reviews expires

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When theembargo on reviews from Horizon Forbidden West? Journalist Geoff Keighley has revealed that it will happen at 9.01 on Monday, February 14, so four days before the game is released in stores.

A few hours after the release of the Horizon Forbidden West cinematic trailer, the expectation for the new episode of the series is growing further. Guerrilla Gamesin which we will be able to return to play the role of the hunter Aloy.

The feelings expressed so far on social networks by some leakers suggest a game of extraordinary qualitya serious pretender for the GOTY: we will find out precisely on Monday morning how things actually stand.

Struggling with a mysterious one red sorein Horizon Forbidden West we will have to embark on a journey to the Forbidden West in search of the origin of the evil that is killing the flora and fauna of the world of the future, also corrupting the Cars and making them even more dangerous.

Fortunately, Aloy will not be alone in this new adventure and will be able to count on the help of old and new friends, as well as on new weapons and gadgets to make the experience even more exciting.

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