Horizon Forbidden West, the game director thanks after the votes

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The game director Of Horizon Forbidden WestMathijs de Jonge, posted a message to thank all his collaborators after seeing the votes awarded to the game by the international press.

As we have seen, Horizon Forbidden West has received excellent marks and currently boasts an average equal to Horizon Zero Dawn on Metacritic, equal to 89 based on nearly one hundred reviews, practically all enthusiastic about the expected sequel.

“As the reviews are published, I just wanted to say that I am incredibly proud of what we have been able to create, even more so in special circumstances like these,” wrote de Jonge. “Thanks a lot to everyone involved!”

If you have read our review of Horizon Forbidden West, you will know that the new chapter of the Guerrilla Games series improves the less convincing aspects of Zero Dawn and adds new, interesting elements to the experience.

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