Horizon Forbidden West: today at 9:00 the live of the game with Francesco Serino

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Today at 9:00 sharp Francesco Serino will be live on our channel Twitch to talk about Horizon Forbidden Westof which he edited the review for Multiplayer.it. As you know, it is also the time when the embargo expires in which it becomes possible to talk freely and amiably about the game.

If you are curious to know more about the latest effort by Guerrilla Games for PS4 and PS5, the invitation is to follow the broadcast and hear what ours will have to say, thus trying to grasp all the nuances of his article. Could Aloy make it through her heart? It is shortly to know.

Of course there will also be space for your questions and messages, which you can send in written or oral form, by subscribing to our Telegram group. We will broadcast as many of them live as possible!

You can follow him streaming within this news, in the dedicated box or directly on our Twitch channel, possibly using the official app on iOS and Android. Register to receive notifications related to new videos!

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