Horizon Forbidden West: Trailer with Press Credits Now Available on PS5 and PS4

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Horizon Forbidden West is now available exclusively for PS5 and PS4. To celebrate the launch, Sony has released a trailer with press awards for the latest effort by Guerrilla Games, which you can view in the player above.

A direct follow-up to Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbbiden West continues the story of Aloy, now heading to the Forbidden West, a wild and mysterious region with lush forests, sunken cities and mountain peaks to explore. Of course, there will be no shortage of new machines to face, fascinating civilizations and memorable characters.

The game was welcomed with open arms by critics, who praised the innovations and improvements introduced in this sequel, the vibrant open-world and the cutting-edge technical sector on both PS5 and PS4.

If you haven’t read it yet, on the pages of Multiplayer.it you will find our review of Horizon Forbidden West by Francesco Serino, who states that the new work of Guerrilla Games “learns from past mistakes, taking to the extreme an idea of ​​the open world that without courage would end up looking dangerously like so many other games with a similar structure. With its undisputed qualities, its stunning game world and a fast and visceral combat system, the new Sony exclusive manages to hide its more classic, and slightly worn, sides under a flood of great choices and a constant feeling of wonder that accompanies the player from the beginning of the adventure to its explosive ending.

In the meantime, the details of Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.04, or the day one patch, have been revealed.

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