Horizon Forbidden West, trophies revealed, is a pretty easy Platinum

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Now that the Horizon Forbidden West is over, lots of new details about the new exclusive are emerging online PS5 and PS4 by Guerrilla Games. And among these there is also thecomplete list of Trophies obtainable by exploring the Forbidden West.

In total in Horizon Forbidden West you can conquer 59 Trophies. Besides that of Platinum, 50 are bronze, 7 are silver and only one is gold. The complete list has been shared by PowerPyx at this address, which has been careful not to report the titles and descriptions of those related to the story, so you will not find spoilers on the plot.

Horizon Forbidden West, are you ready to climb all the Collolungo specimens to get the Platinum Trophy?

There are no trophies related to the difficulty, so you can get them all at the lowest. In general it is a Simple platinum, but time-consuming, though luckily you don’t have to explore far and wide to find all the collectibles. In addition to bringing Aloy to level 50 (we do not know if it is the maximum) it is necessary to find all the specimens of Collolungo scattered around the map, complete all the Cauldrons, the challenges of the Lodge (but not necessarily with the highest degree), all combat challenges and kill every kind of car at least once.

Horizon Forbidden West, as PowerPyx explains, has different types of collectibles and side activities to complete, but fortunately in many cases you will not have to complete them 100% to get the dedicated trophy. For example, just clearing a Rebel camp to get its objective, and the same goes for Black Boxes, Signal Towers, Arena Challenges, and so on, which dramatically reduces the time it takes to get Horizon Forbidden West Platinum. , if that’s your goal.

Horizon Forbidden West will be available from February 18th in stores exclusively for PS5 and PS4. If you haven’t done so yet, we recommend that you read our review of the new PlayStation exclusive by Guerrilla Games.

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