Horizon Forbidden West: video compares the PS5, PS4 and PS4 Pro versions

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ElAnalistaDeBits has released a new one video which compares the PS5, PS4 and PS4 Pro versions Of Horizon Forbidden Westthe new PlayStation exclusive from Guerrilla Games hitting stores this week.

According to the analysis of the youtuber, Horizon Forbidden West turns to 1080p and 30fps on PS4, while on PS4 Pro the framerate remains unchanged, but the resolution rises to 1800p. Unfortunately there is no performance mode to increase the fps count. Both old gen versions of Horizon Forbidden West, according to ElAnalistaDeBits, have a stable framerate in most cases, with the standard PS4 one sometimes experiencing occasional stuttering.

The PS5 version of Horizon Forbidden West instead features two graphics modes, quality and performance. The first features 4K resolution (with the temporal injection technique also used for Spider-Man Miles Morales) and runs at 30fps, while the second runs at 1800p with the target of 60fps. On all platforms there are dips during the cutscenes.

The PS5 version, for obvious reasons, has a better visual impact than its oldgen counterparts. In particular, the youtuber states that the vegetation is much denser on Sony’s flagship console, as well as the quality of the textures, although the differences in the latter case are not clear-cut. The reflections of the quality mode on PS5 are better than those of the performance mode, which in contrast are similar to those of the PS4 versions.

A rather marked difference is that relating to the particles, especially those of the vegetation of the plague that infests the Forbidden West. ElAnalistaDeBits states that on PS4 and PS4 Pro these effects are stripped down, while they are of lower quality in the performance mode for PS5. Otherwise, water rendering, draw distance, anisotropic filtering, shadow quantity and quality, and night skybox are better on PS5 than their oldgen counterparts. Another interesting fact is that on PS5 the loading times are seven times faster compared to PS4, which is obviously due to the console’s SSD.

“Horizon Forbidden West is a game designed for PS4, which guarantees exceptional performance on this platform. However, the improvements applied on PS5 greatly improve its visual rendering, much more than usual for this type of oldgen port,” says ElAnalistaDeBits.

“As a personal opinion, I would choose the resolution mode on PS5. It is clear that this game was developed with 30fps in mind and it is worth it for the visual enhancements it offers. ”

Horizon Forbidden West will be available in stores starting February 18 exclusively for PS5 and PS4. If you haven’t done it yet, we recommend that you read our review of the highly anticipated new Guerrilla Games exclusive.

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