Horizon Forbidden West VS Zero Dawn, a comparison video shows the differences

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What are the differences graphics between Horizon Forbidden West And Horizon Zero Dawn? The last one reveals it to us comparison video created by ElAnalistaDeBits, which places the two games side by side in order to identify all the changes made to the technical sector.

Defined a Masterclass of PS5 graphics by Digital Foundry, Horizon Forbidden West starts from the solid foundations of the first chapter but improves and enriches the system from every point of view, from polygonal models to effects, from animations to frame rate.

AND Aloy to present probably the most evident differences, so much so as to have sparked controversy due to the hair on his face: as you can see, the skin on his face has been rendered in a much more realistic and detailed way, including freckles and redness.

The setting presents a higher quantity of objects, but above all an effects able to bring out every single element and give back the idea of ​​a more alive and pulsating world. The much more interesting architectures also fall into this discourse.

For all the other details, of course, run and read our review of Horizon Forbidden West.

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