Horizon Forbidden West: Why Was It Delayed? The director explains the real reason

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Mathijs De Jonge, the Director of Horizon Forbidden Westhe explained why the game was postponed. The man revealed that part of the reason behind the game’s original delay is due to a desire to avoid a crunch period.

In an interview with NU.nl, Mathijs De Jonge spoke about the reason for the delay of the game, initially scheduled for 2021 but then postponed to February 2022: “Horizon Forbidden West could have been released at the end of last year, but in that case we would have had to work overtime. […] This also played a part in the decision to release the game now. ”

Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West against a huge elephant machine

In another part of the interview, the Director revealed more about the Guerrilla’s work cultureexplaining: “We are very aware of the disadvantages of crunch, so we take this into account in our planning. To give an example, at Christmas we said that there would be no work and that everyone could have a two-week vacation. The company. it was closed, you couldn’t even go to work “.

The crunch is a serious problem in the gaming industry and can lead to health problems (physical and mental). It is important that more and more companies worry about the matter, so it is good that Guerrilla Games has done so.

Plus, the end result was great, as we told you in our review.

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