Horizon Zero Dawn has sold 20 million copies: Sony’s official announcement

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In sharing the new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West with the world, Sony also revealed that the first installment of the series – Horizon Zero Dawn – sold over 20 million copiesadding PC and PS4.

Specifically, via PS Blog, Angie Smerts – Guerrilla Studio Director and Executive Producer – wrote: “We take this opportunity to thank our amazing community of fans. how the community has grown quickly. We are thrilled to announce that as of November 28, 2021, Horizon Zero Dawn has sold over 20 million copies worldwide, adding up the PS4 and PC versions. And we are equally proud to tell you that our community has spent over 1 billion hours in the game! We can only thank you all for the support and passion you have shown us. ”

Aloy in a snowy area of ​​Horizon Zero Dawn

As you can see, the figure of 20 million copies of Horizon Zero Dawn has been reached at November 2021therefore it is credible that in the last few months this value has increased further.

This is a great achievement, especially considering that Horizon Zero Dawn is the first chapter of a new IP. Finally, here’s the CGI trailer just released for Horizon Forbidden West.

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