House of the Dragon contains too many sex scenes, for Matt Smith

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House of the Dragonthe upcoming television series based on the works of George RR Martin, contains too many sex scenesaccording to what was stated by Matt Smiththe actor who plays Prince Daemon Targaryen on the show.

Presented at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 with an extended trailer, House of the Dragon will therefore try to repeat the success of Game of thrones without leaving anything out, and indeed relaunching one of the elements that probably contributed to the success of the previous adaptation.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Smith said his character on the show gets involved in a little too much spicy sequences. “You find yourself asking, ‘do we really need another sex scene?’ And they tell you that yes, we need it,” the actor explained.

“At that point you wonder what you’re doing, whether you’re representing the books or diluting their content to represent the age we live in. Well, I think it’s your job to tell those stories in a faithful and honestas written.”

“So you’re saying Daemon has his fair share of bedroom scenes?” asked the interviewer. “Yes. A little too much, if you ask me,” Smith replied. In short, House of the Dragon has not yet made its debut (it will arrive on Sky Atlantic on August 22) and the first controversies are already appearing.

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