House of the Dragon: international reviews are online and the judgment is averagely negative

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The first ones are online international reviews Of House of the Dragon, the new spin-off series of Game of Thrones that takes us into the past of Westeros. On average, the response is not particularly enthusiastic, even if there are some compliments.

Game Spot gave it a 5/10 and writes, “The impactful cinematography and top-notch performances aren’t strong enough for the series as a whole anyway. House of the Dragon is likely to find an audience, but it’s hard to figure out who it will be exactly this audience.”

CNET without giving a rating he writes: “It is an excellent television series, a fantasy drama that does not require a passion for Game of Thrones to be appreciated”.

House Of The Dragon

IGN USA gives it an 8/10 and writes: “The premiere of House Of The Dragon marks a strong and well-acted start to the Game Of Thrones spin-off. It is very similar to its predecessor in tone and content, but establishes immediately a power struggle around a lovable and weak king, and vivid new characters ready to fight these battles. There are also dragons and incest and resentment. It’s good to be back in the Westeros of backstabbing.”

Slant Magazine gives it a 1.5/4 and writes, “It’s as empty and fragile as the huge scale model of the realm Viserys prides itself on building. It’s a rotten foundation for epic fantasy, so perhaps the prophecy was correct after all: the only thing that could bring down the Dragon House was itself.”

USA Todaywith a 2/4, states: “[In House Of The Dragon] sometimes it feels like going through a list taken from Game of Thrones in order not to miss any element of the original series and not to anger a single fan. Incest? Yes. A snooty prince? Yes. Gore? Yes. Sexual exploitation of women and girls? Yes. Battle sequences so dark you can’t figure out what’s going on? Again yes.”

The Verge instead he writes: “House Of The Dragon often seems to lack the wild curiosity necessary for a prequel like this to really survive. That could change if HBO Max continues to carry on House of the Dragon and if it pushes the series to be an interpolation more thoughtful than the future we know. But for now, House of the Dragon is yet another hyper-violent tale of swords and sorcery that you’ve surely seen before.”

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