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Hrana it’s a free game in which you follow a lone hiker as he explores a region inspired by Sudetenland, to discover the wounds left by the war. It was created by an artist who studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts and is an intense and meditative, as well as fascinating, experience.

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The player is not called to directly control the hiker, who moves alone on the map, strictly hand painted, but can direct him by cleaning up the darkened parts of the scenario with the mouse, so that he can access them.

The beauty of the game derives precisely from the places that are discovered by following the protagonist, which slowly create a truly clear picture of the territory in which you are.

Of course, don’t expect breathtaking action scenes, fights or whatever, because that’s not Hrana’s purpose. Instead, think of it as a meditative journey into a world that has a lot to tell, even without using words. The control system is very simple: just a mouse and you will have no problems. Of course it doesn’t last very long, but for how long it lasts it’s worth playing.

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