id Software hires for a new game: DOOM, Quake or whatever?

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id Software is working on a new projectwhich emerges clearly from the job advertisements published by the team, and the main suspects remain DOOM and Quakebut there are also those who think of other possibilities, such as Hexen, or something different.

Considering the success achieved by the relaunch of DOOM in 2016 and the subsequent DOOM Eternal, the possibility that this is another chapter in the series is certainly to be taken into consideration, but there are now many rumors and clues that also point towards the other historical series of the team, or Quake, which at this point deserves a return with a treatment on the style of what is seen with DOOM.

However, there are other possibilities too: the new job announcement for a Combat Designer makes it clear that id Software is developing a first person shooter, which is quite obvious given the history of the team, for which knowledge of DOOM is required and DOOM Eternal in particular.

The subject of the question are triple A first-person action game coming in the near future and the main suspects continue to be DOOM and Quake, however there are other possibilities as well. Beyond possible unreleased projects, there are vague clues that could also point to Hexen, considering that Phil Spencer specifically mentioned the game in question talking about the titles of the past that he would like to review, and the information certainly cannot go unnoticed.

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