id Software working on a secret “big game”: DOOM, Quake or something new?

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At the opening of QuakeCon 2022, the manager of id Software, Marty Strattonreported that the team is working on a “big game” but what is not yet ready to present it to the public, which explains the absence of news in this sense during the official event but which suggests a DOOM, Quake or a new title.

Just at the opening of yesterday’s evening of QuakeCon 2022Stratton reported: “Here at id, the team is hard at work on our next big game…however we’re not ready to share any details at this time.”

Marty Stratton of id Software during Quakecon 2022

The indication therefore remains very vague, but evidently from the conclusion of the work on DOOM Eternal the id Software team has moved in force on a new project.

The presence of Quake in some form recurs in the rumors: in fact, even the other historic series of id Software could receive a treatment similar to that seen for DOOM, or a sort of general reboot like the one that was carried out with the DOOM of 2016 and the following DOOM Eternal.

Quake could lend itself to a similar operation, but there is no confirmation in this regard. It seems less probable that the team intends to continue with DOOM, but it is not excluded that it can do so, given the success recorded by the two recent chapters. Finally, we cannot exclude the possibility that it may be a new and unpublished intellectual property, so we just have to wait for any information from the team in the near future.

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