Intel: Arc GPUs will arrive in 2022, are the company’s first laptop and desktop GPUs

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Intel revealed that the Arc GPUthe first of the company, will be available in 2022. In the first quarter of the year, the current one, versions for laptops will be launched, while those for desktop will arrive in the second quarter. Video cards for workstations will also be launched in the third quarter, which are less relevant to the video game industry anyway.

Also announced “Project Endgame“, a service that will allow us to take advantage of the new GPUs via the cloud, probably in a similar way to Nvidia’s GeForce Now. In both cases the details provided were not very many, so we await further communications to be more precise. In fact, we do not know. nothing: neither the type of service, nor which games will be usable, nor what GPUs will be involved.

Intel also announced that it has begun work on its third generation Arc GPU, machining name “Celestial“(the first generation is called Alchemist, the second Battlemage and the fourth Druid … there must be some fantasy fans there).

Celestial GPUs should be aimed at ultra enthusiasts, with performance comparable to Nvidia’s GeForce 3090 Ti or AMD’s RX 6900 XT. However we don’t run too fast, as we still have to try the first one.

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