Is Elden Ring the revolutionary soulslike we’ve been waiting for?

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Elden Ring is really the revolutionary soulslike that we were waiting? Available starting today on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, FromSoftware’s new action RPG seems to have gotten its hands on the Game of the Year 2022 title well in advance, and why is soon said. .

Firstly, Elden Ring has received incredible ratings from the international press, it is even the highest rated game ever on OpenCritic and currently his Metascore is equal to 97. Let’s try to articulate it well: ninety-seven.

Staying in the field of criticism, our review of Elden Ring speaks of an extraordinary product, a first and important step towardsevolution of the sub-genre of soulslike, characterized by an artistic sector capable of turning a blind eye to the technical limits and by a structure so rich that it is easy to miss something along the way.

Then there are the numbers: those of Twitch, with Elden Ring at 700,000 spectators, an absolute record for FromSoftware productions; and those of Steam, where Elden Ring is the seventh title with the most contemporary players ever, and this already within hours of launch.

Elden Ring, a look at the settings

Adding this great enthusiasm to the results obtained at the time of Dark Souls 3it is really difficult to imagine how the new opera directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki can total sales below 10 million copies between now and the end of the year.

No, the numbers will most likely be higher, because it is clear that the game has made so much noise and has been received in such a positive way as to involve even those who generally do not engage in soulslike. A’expansion of the fanbase: the most important goal for a development team and for the gaming industry in general.

Elden Ring, Malenia in an intermission sequence

Elden Ring, Malenia in an intermission sequence

How does Elden Ring welcome these novice and fundamentally naive users? With a first part of the campaign actually more accessible than usual, in which it is possible to turn your heels when you smell a threat too great to be dealt with at that moment.

It is in this situation that it will be possible to exploit the multiple possibilities ofopen world to draw breath and grow before returning to the same area, stronger than before and ready to take another small step towards the conclusion of a journey that will keep us busy for tens of hours and that at some point will inevitably become ruthless. As it should be. Do we want to talk about it?

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