Is Xbox Game Pass Growing Too Big? The new PlayStation Plus is the same, Microsoft says

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Xbox Game Pass grows too much? Well, the new one PlayStation Plus it’s basically a service equalas written by Microsoft in a long document sent to the Brazilian antitrust commission.

The object of the dispute, as you know, is the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft, an operation 70 billion dollars which has forced the various competition authorities to consult the competitors of the Redmond house in order to understand whether or not there is a risk of a monopoly.

Yesterday the position expressed by Sony emerged, according to which Call of Duty has no rivals and Xbox Game Pass is growing too much, also and above all as a result of these important acquisitions. Well, Microsoft has officially answered both the first and the second question.

In the first case, with reference to the recognisability and exclusivity of specific brands, Microsoft has pointed the finger at exclusive PlayStations, in particular third party ones: it is a type of agreement that has practically always existed in the gaming market, but which Sony has used it on more than one occasion very aggressively.

As regards the possible monopoly of Xbox Game Pass and the characteristics of the service, the American giant has pointed out that the new PlayStation Plus offers a basically identicalwith very similar agreements also in terms of third party catalogue, specifically with Ubisoft instead of Electronic Arts.

We note that Sony recently announced a similar deal with Ubisoft. On May 16, Sony announced that the core games available in the new PlayStation Plus, in addition to various PlayStation exclusives such as Ghost of Tsuhima, Death Stranding and Demon’s Souls, would have been the Ubisoft+ Classics,” reads the document.

It is about “a selection of famous titles that include blockbusters such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, The Division and For Honor, available to PlayStation Plus subscribers with subscriptions of the type Extra and Premium.”

“The new PlayStation Plus has been perceived by the gaming industry as a Xbox Game Pass competitor, and this in many ways reflects the high degree of rivalry within this market. The availability of the most famous and best-selling Ubisoft titles in the PS Plus catalog only reaffirms this rivalry and at the same time emphasizes the variety of quality third party products accessible through subscriptions.

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