Joseph: Collapse, launch trailer for Far Cry 6’s third DLC

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Joseph: Collapsethe third and last DLC from Far Cry 6has been available for a few hours on digital stores and obviously could not miss a trailer release published by Ubisoft.

In the Joseph: Collapse review we talked about how this third pack, in which we take on the role of Joseph Seedthe villain of Far Cry 5, you arrive a bit short of breath due to a roguelite formula identical to the two previous downloadable contents.

The character played by Greg Bryk it remains very fascinating, however, and this solo adventure will see us explore his ill relationship with the members of Eden’s Gate, the sect that Seed created to control the territory of Hope County.

“Play as the villain: enter the mind of Joseph Seed from Far Cry 5,” reads the official synopsis. “He Confront your inner demons and discover the story of this legendary villain.”

“Explore a twisted and elusive version of Hope County, battle your former followers, confront your family members and escape the mental prison by dying and trying again and again.”

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