King of Fighters 15: Vincenzo, Luca and Gio challenge SchiacciSempreTV, Berrofronzo and Nerdmovieproductions

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Our afternoon Twitch tinged with blows! Starting at 4pm, three of our editors will challenge as many creators to the death. Specifically Giordana Moroni, Luca Porro and Vincenzo Lettera will fight against SchiacciSempreTV, Berrofronzo and Nerdmovieproductions. The theater of the challenge? King of Fighters 15!

What better time to see the brand new King of Fighters XV live? Perhaps our review of SNK’s expected fighting game is more useful to get an idea of ​​what to expect from the full package or some nuances of SNK Playmore’s gameplay, but to understand the playful potential of the game nothing beats seeing it used by skilled players like the creators invited today for this special challenge. Yes, we are saying that we do not expect who knows what performances from Luca, Gio and Vincenzo!

The appointment is therefore for 16 on our Twitch channel (you can find it at the top of this news or directly on the home page of don’t miss it!

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